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DreamWear Silicone Pillows FitPack

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A soft and comfortable pillows CPAP mask

The DreamWear silicone pillows CPAP mask is designed to let you sleep more comfortably with an exceptional fit and seal.


Feels like wearing nothing at all

With the tubing located at the top of the head, DreamWear helps you sleep closer to your bed partner—and gets rid of the hose nose in front of your face. DreamWear silicone pillows mask is the lightest tube at the top of the head pillows mask. 


Sleep how you want

A unique design directs airflow through the frame of DreamWear, allowing the tubing connection to be located at the top of the head. This allows you to sleep in any position you want—on your stomach, side, or back


Exceptional comfort

With 100% silicone pillows cushions, you can experience a new level of comfort and soft touch. In fact, in a recent study, users said DreamWear silicone pillows mask has the softest nasal pillows cushion compared to their prescribed mask